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Denvhi Bakery

Denvhi Bakery, Bread and Cake Solution

The Bakery is the located at the cafe. Denvhi Bakery is  fresh made bakery and cake. This Bakery and Cake solution is always in favor from the customer. The word solution is used cause at Jatiwaringin there is not much great bakery place. The Bakery and Cake was made at our bakers place just at the end of cafe building.

Denvhi Bakery, Bread Solution

The fresh bread for your day. Toast bread, sweet bread is our speciality. Our production is limited and always keep our product in freshness.

Denvhi Bakery, Cake Solution

Our Cake is made to order. It’s so delicious and easy to order. The Quality you can count on.

Call Us For Order or Query : 021 84 900 600


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