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Resto Nusantara

Resto Nusantara, It’s Sharing Time

The restaurant is all about sharing. It’s time for you to sharing your good time with your family. Sharing good time in good place is recommended. Resto Nusantara have all the need that you want. A huge dining place with 4 specifics uniqueness. The 1st main dining place, the VIP meeting room, outdoor garden area with mini water fall and the huge 2nd floor dining hall for your event.


Resto Nusantara, It’s Sharing Food

Sharing is not only time but food also. Resto Nusantara is an Indonesia restaurant. All the menu are majority is for sharing. The food sharing moment is an precious time. Where all the closest friend and family member gather together in joy and have great food. Our food is carefully recipe to ensure your pleasure. Preserving the taste heritage from our ancestor is our goal. Serving an authentic wholesome food for your family is also sharing our joy to all

Resto Nusantara, It’s a place for sharing

The place and the food are sharing-able to all. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to share joy and fun for all. To see more about Resto Nusantara please visit Resto Nusantara website at http://restonusantara.com/