JW 54

J-Zone Cafe

J-Zone Cafe, Always Cozy and Friendly

The cafe that is always friendly and cozy. The first building on the right is the place for hang out and chill. This cozy place is the sign of your destination. J-Zone Cafe has 5 sections to be enjoyed: the main dining AC room, the outdoor close to the Jatiwaringin Raya street, the outdoor side of main dining room, the live music section and the function room on 2nd floor.

J-Zone Cafe, Always Yummy and Satisfy

The food that is always yummy and satisfy. The chef and his team are always ready to prepare, cook and serve the yummy food for all guest. This yummy food has lots of variation; Asian, Western, Indonesian food. Asian food like: Kwetiau, Chicken Teriyaki Rice and many more are ready to delight your appetite. Western food: Tenderloin Steak, Chicken Gordon blue, Pizza and Pasta are the yummy food you can enjoy. Indonesian food such as: Fried rice, Fried Noodle, Pempek and Siomai are the food you should order.


J-Zone Cafe, Always Right Place and Right Food

The place and the food is right and even more right with right price. J-Zone Cafe is nothing but pleasure and enjoyment of live. Please visit our place and order our food. To see more about J-zone please visit J-Zone Cafe website at  http://www.j-zonecafe.com/

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